A few words about us

M+H Vet Ltd., primarily Veterinary Distribution Company was formed in 1995 with aim at providing customers, mainly veterinary offices, with exceptional quality products now celebrating 20 years of existence. Due to the high demand for quality cohesive bandages, Copoly brand was formed in 2002 being important part of the M+H Vet LTD distribution channel. Since the first export to Kuwait in 2002, Copoly brand has grown rapidly, having over 20 distributors in Europe and 2 distributors in Latin America in 2015. Consistent aim at quality and regular certification at approved laboratories is a main company´s priority. Copoly offers broad range of colours, prints and exceptional stock levels to quickly and efficiently supply its own distributors. Alongside with existing certification for veterinary and human use, Copoly has found its use in broad range of sports activities, tattoo salons, outdoor activities etc.

Company´s well-known quality and exceptional customer service leads to increase in sales and leaves happy customers behind. We are very proud and pleased Copoly products can now be found across Europe. M+H Vet LTD and all of our distributors across the world are looking forward to assist you and hope you will become one of our happy customers in near future.

What is Copoly:

20years of experiences

20distributors in Europe

ALLcolours available on stock